Monday, 15 February 2010

Wild puppy!!

Its bedlam! He is every where!! He is bombing around the house scarying everyone. He is currently trying to pull the memory stick out of the laptop!

He seems all teeth at the moment and my hands are the proof. He needs his toe nails cutting but I'm just not brave enough! I try waiting until he is a sleep but by that time I'm shattered!

He loves anything that makes lots to noise, he's now chewing on a small plastic bottle.

He has also started to stalk, very cute watching him ambush the others in the garden.

He is 5 weeks in this photo, he is nearly as big as his mum!

Trying to get a drink but the bar is closing!!

These clips are of him playing "Its your choice" he has played it twice before and has soon got he idea, he is already offering different behaviour.

Offering a sit

Biting hard! Ouch!!

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Bandit's Pack said...

What an adorable puppy!