Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Is Kes pregnant??

Kes was mated at the beginning of January and is booked in for a scan on Friday 1st February.

Last week she suddenly started to pick at her food, especially in the morning. Well she is still at it so I think she may have a touch of morning sickness. Bless her, she is fine in herself and is still running around like a complete loon.
I daren't get my hopes up too much, can't wait for the scan on Friday.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Manchester Champ show January 2008

Well here he is, proudly presenting his CC and Best of Breed certificates. I'm so proud of him, I just can't find the words to express just how much!

I haven't had much time to show him since Crufts 07, I only managed to get to the Welsh KC and to be honest I was really disappointed with coming 2nd. I wouldn't have minded had I thought that the winner was better than El but it didn't want to be in the ring, it's tail was down and it didn't move very well. Where as El had shown his socks off as he always does. Anyway it had left me thinking that I might be wasting my time and I had gone to Manchester thinking that I might give up showing him altogether.

Well what a day. We had got stuck in traffic at the M5/M6 interchange. I was starting to think that my passengers Tina and Linx might miss their class. I'd commented that I didn't mind missing mine as I was probably wasting my time!! Blimey was I wrong.
Well we got to the show and the previous breed in our ring were on Limit Bitch so El & I helped Tina & Linx to get to their bench. We had a little walk outside then I took El back to the van to chill out. I don't take him into the hall until its nearly time to go into the ring, I find he is really on his toes that way.

I went and got changed into some smart clothes and had a chat to some of the Heeler people. It was lovely to see Maggy & Mike Jones, Mike always makes me laugh and brings me down to earth!!

So in the ring we went. I made sure I was first in as I had a feeling that El was going to move well and there's nothing worse than being held up by someone moving slowly. The judge had a quick look and asked us to do two laps of the ring. OMG was El on a mission, by the end of the first lap we had caught up with the last dog. I could hardly keep up with him, he was looking dead straight with a quick glance at any girlies as he went past, he is such a showman. I had a quick look around the ring and after a good performance on the table and some nice comments from the judge I was starting to feel confident. If El hadn't won this class I would have been really disappointed. But I wasn't and he was quickly pulled out in first place.

Now to the challenge. El's no stranger to this, we have been in many and at Crufts 2007 we were pulled out for the reserve CC. But we've been overlooked ever since. I'd started to think that we'd never get pulled out again. Anyway we went in and I made sure I got the very best out of him, which was difficult as the lady behind was using a squeaky toy to get her dogs attention, well she had mine as well! I worked hard and managed to keep El's attention on me and to my astonishment we were pulled out for the CC. I was so proud of him.

Now we had to sit and wait for the bitches to finish, what a wait, lots of things going through my head. Lots of lovely people coming over and congratulating us. Friends rallying around, as excited as I was. I don't think it had sunk in at this stage, I was sort of in limbo, not really knowing what to expect, after all we would normally be on our way home by know!

I tried to get El to have a chill on his bench, we sat and had a cuddle. I told him that we had to give it our best in memory of Norman (Toddie's breeder, who had sadly left us late last year).

Well in we went and he was still flying around the ring, I think he was showing off to the best bitch behind him! The judge had a good look at them both and then stood back. I just kept talking to El, trying to keep him alert, I looked up at the judge and OMG he was coming towards us holding out his hand! We'd done it, we'd won BOB. I think I kissed the judge, well he was a very nice man!! With very good taste!!

Now on to the group judging. This is where all the best of breeds for each group go in under a new judge and the winner goes through to best in show on the last day of the event. There was no pressure on us here. Lancashire Heelers are not normally picked out so I could just enjoy the experience.
El stood on the table really well, probably the best he has ever done. I could see him looking around taking in all the people looking at him. I put him on the floor and prepared to move off. I looked up to pick my route and then looked back down at him. That image will stay in my head for a long time!! We were on a blue carpet with a little white picket fence all around it and flower displays in the corners. And if that wasn't enough there was a spotlight on little Elwyn - a very special moment, blimey I'm welling up just writing this!
Well that was our day at Manchester 2008, I won't bore you with the 5 hours drive home!! Well worth it though. I'll definitely be showing him again in the Spring so watch this space.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Welcome to our blog

I thought it was time that I got with it and got around to adding a blog to our site. Not sure how often it’ll get updated but hopefully I’ll find the time.

If Kes is in whelp this will be a great way to keep everyone posted on her progress.

Well I must get on and update the main site or no one will ever see this.