Friday, 6 May 2011

Beep & Kes go on tour

Whilst Miya, Fen and Zip were all winning trophies at the Easter agility show, my Mum and I took a weeks holiday in the Yorkshire Dales.

We had fantastic weather and meet some lovely people.

We spent a day in the lakes taking in some of the mountains that Nige and I had climbed in our youth! Scafell, Langdale and he Old man :O)

We spent the rest of the week in Teesdale visiting Eggerton Hall meeting the lady off of Laddette to Lady, mum was very impressed. We also went to Richmond on the Hill, took me back to my army days as I was based just up the road at Catterick for a short time.

Mum, Beep and Kes all taking a dip in the river

Beep being very brave!

A lovely walk along the river at Walton bridge

Chillin' in the garden

Sleepy puppy :O)

Beep at High Force, only one fall flowing but still breath taking

A walk up the lane above Dalton village, fantastic views from the top

The view across Wastwater (England's deepest lake) towards Wasdale head

Wasdale head is a special place, my favorite spot in all England :O)

Mum having a paddle, I don't think she thought it was going to be THAT cold :O)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Kipper at 4 weeks

Here are the lovely Kizzy / Zip pups, now 4 weeks old and are looking gorgeous!

5 lovely boys and 2 lovely girls xx

Friday, 4 February 2011

Introducing Beep

Meet Beep!

Our latest addition at Perranfell is Borderspirit Amazing Grace. She is the daugher of Ella (Nedlo Daybreak) and Tigger (Harrjak Tigger)
On the long way home to Cornwall
Stopping off for a play at Granny's

Checking out the new toys
Her new favorite place!
At 9 weeks

Her first PocketSheepSkin, had to be pink!
A rare moment sitting still!

I love those white toes :O)

Helping out in the sewing room

Watching the waves crash in at Porthleven

New year, new beginnings

I know its a bit late for a new year post but its been a bit hectic here.

2010 was officially one of our worst years on record. Losing Morley Brown, my dad since I was 5 years old, was very sad and helping mum come to terms with it was extremely harder. We still miss him greatly.

We had put all our hopes into a repeat mate of Kes and Fen's litter. We had hoped for Christmas puppies to raise our spirits but sadly it wasn't to be. We have now retired Fen from stud. He has produced lots of wonderful puppies. Puppies we are very proud of, these include our Zip who we hope will carry on from Fen.

New Beginnings

We are very proud to announce the arrival on 18th January of our first 2nd generation of Perranfell's. Zip became the proud dad of 7 black and white puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls.

The beautiful mum is the lovely Kizzy (Ag Ch Darleyfalls Dark Secret).

Kizzy is owned and handled by Linda Hutchinson. They have had a fantastic agility career to date, including competing in the novice at Olympia, becoming an Agility Champion, making the European Open team in Czech Republic and then the team for the world team in Germany.

Kizzy with her lovely pups at one week old.

Growing so quickly, pups at two weeks.

Here they are

These pups are going to be stunning if they take after mum and dad :O)

Oh and fantastic super fast agility dogs :O)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Clever puppies

We are very pleased to say that Kes & Fen pups Jink and TJ have both qualified for the novice CSJ final and Zip has qualified for the Alpha final. Well done every one :)

Monday, 15 February 2010

Wild puppy!!

Its bedlam! He is every where!! He is bombing around the house scarying everyone. He is currently trying to pull the memory stick out of the laptop!

He seems all teeth at the moment and my hands are the proof. He needs his toe nails cutting but I'm just not brave enough! I try waiting until he is a sleep but by that time I'm shattered!

He loves anything that makes lots to noise, he's now chewing on a small plastic bottle.

He has also started to stalk, very cute watching him ambush the others in the garden.

He is 5 weeks in this photo, he is nearly as big as his mum!

Trying to get a drink but the bar is closing!!

These clips are of him playing "Its your choice" he has played it twice before and has soon got he idea, he is already offering different behaviour.

Offering a sit

Biting hard! Ouch!!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

5 weeks!!

I'm not sure where this last week has gone. Time is passing far to fast! Spinney has had lots of visitors this week and is loving all the attention.

Butter wouldn't melt

Thinking about it!

Such a cutie :O)

What IS it!!
Ahhh killing the cat tunnel :O)
and the camera!
I can't believe he leaves home in a week, we will miss him so much :O(

Playing with his activity centre

In the garden with Elwyn

Naughty puppy escaping from his pen!

Killing his oversized tennis ball

Playing rough with his mum, she is so soft on him, even when he bites her ears!!

I think Miya will also miss this little chap when he leaves home :O(

Wondering around the garden with Kes

Look at that fluffy little bear!

Here he comes!