Saturday, 4 July 2009

Preparing Zip for his weave training

Zip is now 15 months old.

We have decided to train Zip using Susan Garrett's 2x2 method. This method uses behavioural shaping and teach the dog their entries very well. The method is very quick to learn and this is why we have only just started to train Zip. This is the first time we have used this method. Having used the v weaves in the past we have found that our dogs hit their weave entry far to fast, often breaking poles or injuring their shoulders.

Dogs learn the 2x2 method very quickly so you should not start training dogs using this method unless they are over 12 month of age. It does seem odd leaving it this long before starting to teach them to weave but we are in no hurry to get Zip in the ring, he'll hopefully have many years in competition so we are waiting until he is 2 years old before intorducing him to UK KC show.

Before we start our 2x2's we need to teach Zip that he has a rear end and that HE has control of it. We started this at 5 months of age, we taught him to put his feet on different objects, to walk backwards and to lift his rear legs independently on command. We called his left leg "pork" and his right leg "chop"! During his training we've learned that Zip isn't great on picking up verbal cue's but this is a foreign language to him so who am I to complain! I can't speak a second language so how can I expect my dog to! Thank god his body language is good!!

Here is Zip showing off is back up and his back leg lifts