Friday, 6 May 2011

Beep & Kes go on tour

Whilst Miya, Fen and Zip were all winning trophies at the Easter agility show, my Mum and I took a weeks holiday in the Yorkshire Dales.

We had fantastic weather and meet some lovely people.

We spent a day in the lakes taking in some of the mountains that Nige and I had climbed in our youth! Scafell, Langdale and he Old man :O)

We spent the rest of the week in Teesdale visiting Eggerton Hall meeting the lady off of Laddette to Lady, mum was very impressed. We also went to Richmond on the Hill, took me back to my army days as I was based just up the road at Catterick for a short time.

Mum, Beep and Kes all taking a dip in the river

Beep being very brave!

A lovely walk along the river at Walton bridge

Chillin' in the garden

Sleepy puppy :O)

Beep at High Force, only one fall flowing but still breath taking

A walk up the lane above Dalton village, fantastic views from the top

The view across Wastwater (England's deepest lake) towards Wasdale head

Wasdale head is a special place, my favorite spot in all England :O)

Mum having a paddle, I don't think she thought it was going to be THAT cold :O)