Saturday, 30 January 2010

Moving house

Spinney is now 3 weeks old and is ready to take on life in the kitchen.

Cuddling up with the turkey on his final night upstairs.

We had our usual cuddle after breakfast and Spinney was chewing on my chin!! Time to introduce him to a kong I think!

I think he preferred my chin! Much softer on his new teeth!
He soon got the idea :O)

Nearly out of the box, definitely time to move!!

Here he is getting a visit from auntie Kes with Elwyn watching on

El gets his turn with Zip supervising :O)

Elwyn had a mission, to steal the comfort kong!

Spinney doesn't seem to mind sharing his toys :O)
Spinney's new best friend!!

Meeting Elwyn

Elwyn showing Spinney how to squeak the turkey, i think it will be a while before he can do it by himself :O)

Finding the exit :O) he is so confident, I can really recommend the early training, he bounces back so quickly

Learning to walk on newspaper, while Elwyn is STILL trying to steal the comfort kong!! Poor El is getting quite stressed!

Walkabout, getting some exercise around the kitchen :O)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Building confidence

I can't believe he'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow. Time is sure passing fast.

I found a new surface for him to try out tonight.

Today's one a day is the contact trainer!

He soon got to grips with it

No problem :O)

He is walking quite well now, considering what his poor legs have to carry :O)

Ah he gets the contact!!
Time for a quick feed!!

Miya enjoying her baby :O)

Catching up with Elwyn

El is so good with pups, he just loves them

I think Spinney will soon be bigger than poor El!

Here he comes!

Bless :O)

Getting a top up at the milk bar, drinking it dry!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It barks!!

When I walked into the bedroom first thing this morning I heard a little wuf wuf!! Cheeky little man :O) he is very bossy for a 2 week old!

Doing his one a day - each night he spends a minute getting used to a new surface, last night was the bathroom floor, he wasn't keen on that one. Tonight we tried a thermomat, he didn't mind this, may be it was a bit warmer for him.

Taking everything in his stride.

Checking out the exit!!

He is starting to try to get out, I don't think it will be long before he makes an escape attempt!

He is now picking up his toys and chewing limbs. His teeth are just about to break the surface of his gums, I'm enjoying him gumming my fingers, I'm not looking forward to all those little needles arriving!

Killing the bug :O)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Meeting the family

Spinney has had a great day today, he has met a few new faces and seems to have found his voice. He can now growle, its so cute to listen to him. Oh and he managed to pee on me today, hope he doesn't make a habbit of that!

A pressie from Granny :O)

Who's watching who??

That's what he thinks of the monkey! Ha-ha

Meeting Kes

And Elwyn, El loves puppies and I'm hoping he will make a fab littermate for young Spinney, they seemed to hit it off well today :O)

Snuggling up for a nap

Exploring his new toys

Getting his gums around it :O)

Meeting Elwyn

Friday, 22 January 2010

Two weeks today and his eyes are open

Here's looking at you!

I still can't believe that last night he had a little slit in his eye and tonight he is following me with his head. He is growing up far too fast!

Here he is playing with the turkey that his daddy sent him, ah bless :O)

Laughing boy, Spinney seems to have a great sense of fun and is playing with his toys.

Growing up fast!

Coming to get me!

He is almost walking now.

I caught him chewing Mr Meerkat's arm today!

On the move

Such a happy chap :O)

Chewing the turkey some more!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 12 and the puppy's getting fat!

I'm not sure I'll get him into this chocolate tub in a couple of days, he now weighs 1.7 kilos!

Check out those naughty spots :O)

Having a clean from mum

He still has his turkey

He has started to clean his own paws, so cute :O)

Catching up with mum

Bless him, his little nose is nearly all black now

Always with Mr Meerkat!

Miya has been a fantastic mum and loves him very much :O)