Saturday, 13 February 2010

5 weeks!!

I'm not sure where this last week has gone. Time is passing far to fast! Spinney has had lots of visitors this week and is loving all the attention.

Butter wouldn't melt

Thinking about it!

Such a cutie :O)

What IS it!!
Ahhh killing the cat tunnel :O)
and the camera!
I can't believe he leaves home in a week, we will miss him so much :O(

Playing with his activity centre

In the garden with Elwyn

Naughty puppy escaping from his pen!

Killing his oversized tennis ball

Playing rough with his mum, she is so soft on him, even when he bites her ears!!

I think Miya will also miss this little chap when he leaves home :O(

Wondering around the garden with Kes

Look at that fluffy little bear!

Here he comes!

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